Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch Review


I didn’t think I would be considering adding another wrap to my collection but I loved the Wrapsody.  I currently have a traditional woven wrap, a gauzy wrap and had just tried a stretchy wrap.  For the couple weeks that I had the Wrapsody, it was definitely my “go to” wrap for my 4 month old.

The Wrapsody has the best features of both the woven and stretchy wrap.  It was easy to use like a stretchy wrap.  I could pre-tie the carrier or I could use the same wraps I use with a woven wrap.  It had a lot less stiff than my woven wrap but had a lot more support than a stretchy wrap.  My baby was nice and secure, I could have used the wrap with my 2 year old as well but found I was always putting the little guy in it.  Since the Wrapsody has both features of a stretchy wrap and woven wrap, I would consider it good for anyone.  Beginners can use pre-tied wraps and people with more experience can do more advanced wraps.

I had the Wrapsody for some fall weather and it was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.  The fabric was soft and I liked the dark purple/yellow colors.  I think this wrap is perfect for infants.