Sleepy Wrap review

Our friends at Sleepy Wrap have generously donated a stretchy wrap for our demos and lending library! I tried it out with my 13 lb 2 month old.

What I love about this wrap:

  • I think it has the shortest learning curve of any wrap. You pretie it. Unlike some less stretch wraps, you don’t have to estimate how much room to leave to account for stretch. Since it’s soooo stretchy (thanks, spandex!), you just wrap it as tight as you possibly can. You should feel like there is no way the baby is going to fit in there.
  • The solid colors are very dad friendly. As much as I love cool dye jobs and awesome prints, I can’t get my hubby to wear them. He’ll only wear solid colored carriers.
  • Starting at $45, these are a great starter carrier.
  • I love stretchy wraps for newborns. They are just so so snuggly!
  • You can tie this wrap on once, really carefully in the morning and just wear it all day long, popping baby in and out as needed. This is GREAT for a newborn who needs to come out and get a bazillion diaper changes!
  • Machine washable and dryable, this is not a carrier that needs to be babied.
  • You can use the wrap as almost a blanket, pulling the stretchy outer layer over baby’s legs. Perfect for cooler weather!

I really love the Sleepy Wrap site. They have great instructions and videos and links to babywearing research. The same company, Nap Inc, also makes Boba  buckle carriers.

So, my bottom line: this is a great carrier at a great price, perfect for newborns and small babies. This is also a great carrier to wear twins in, just tuck one in either side!


It seems that all of my friends are having babies and I am always looking for the perfect shower gift. The Sleepy Wrap is definitely on the list. It is perfect for new moms and their snuggly little ones. I have tried a lot of different carriers and while I love most of them, I don’t think any of them are as universal as the Sleepy Wrap.

The wrap is easy to use for both beginners and more advanced babywearers. It can be pre-tied to just slip your baby in and out. The wrap is easy to get tight and once it is tight your baby is very secure. I used the Sleepy Wrap while shopping with my toddler, I never would have been able to manage two kids without it. The baby was very secure as I bent and stretched to reach for things. The Sleepy Wrap also came in handy on a family outing to an apple orchard as well. I put the little guy in the wrap and he quickly fell asleep while I chased after my toddler.

The Sleepy Wrap is also a great choice because of its low cost. It is a good way to introduce someone to all the benefits of baby-wearing without having to lay out a lot of money. You can give it to people that are ready to embrace babywearing as well as people who are open to trying something new. That is what makes this a gift that is good for everyone.

The Sleepy Wrap is great for keeping your itty-bitty snuggled up close to your chest and I know that thinking of my little one in the Sleepy Wraps makes me smile. It is a great gift for new moms.


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  1. As a Postpartum Doula and IBCLC I keep one of these in my car to loan out to new moms on a fairly regular basis! They are a great, easy to learn type of wrap! The moms have learned how to wrap generally with one lesson. Baby’s love to feel so close and snuggly with mom and this is perfect for that!

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