Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch

The awesome folks at Wrapsody were able to help us out with a beautiful Bali Baby Stretch.

I’d tried a Bali BabyBreeze, their gauze wrap, and I was super excited to try the stretch! This is a hybrid wrap, in between a stretchy and a woven. Unlike most stretchies, you can use this safely for back carries.

What I like about this wrap:

Honestly, this is one of my favorite carriers that I have tried. I like a LOT about it.

-I LOVE the patterns/colors available, like, all of them.

-It is so super soft, perfect for snuggling!

-It does not need to be broken in at all.

-It is surprisingly supportive for a wrap with stretch. It is just stretchy enough to easily pop baby in and out, but not stretchy enough to droop.

-They are hand batiked in Indonesia under Fair Trade conditions. I love helping a foreign mama have a better life with my purchase.

-I love the story behind this business, started up in a mama’s bathtub

I’ve also tried the Bali Baby Breeze. This thin wrap is perfect for summer wearing. Even as the weather cools off, I reach for this a lot. I think thin wraps are nice to get a careful, tight wrap job with. This was my son’s favorite carrier. He would bring it to me, wanting to be wrapped up all the time! In fact, my Breeze is the carrier that is never leaving our house. I have tons more expensive carriers, but this one is the one that is staying forever.


I was recently able to borrow the Wrapsody Stretch.  I just want to say how much I enjoyed having this wrap for a couple of weeks.  I have two 35 pound boys and one 20 pound boy.  35 lbs is the max recommended weight for this wrap but I wanted to try my twins in it anyway.  It held up surprisingly well.  I wouldn’t be able to wear them for hours without readjusting but for a quick trip into the store, the Wrapsody would work great.  I tried my 20 pounder in a back carry as well as a front and both carries were comfortable for us.  The Wrapsody stretch is a sort of hybrid between a woven and a stretchy wrap.  There is not as much stretch as a Moby or Sleepy Wrap but there is more than a traditional woven style wrap.  The material was not only beautiful but soft as well. ~A

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