What Do We Do At Meetings?

By B


Maybe you’ve just stumbled onto our blog, but you’ve never been to one of our events. Maybe you’re a parent or caregiver in the Peoria area who wants to learn more about how to safely use a carrier, but you aren’t sure where to start. Let me talk a little bit about what we at Babywearing International of Peoria do. Right now, we have two different events (but, we’d love to expand that in the future). All of our events are led by one of our certified VBEs.

VBE=Volunteer Babywearing Educator. I talk here a bit about what a VBE is, exactly.

We have our monthly meetings. These are on Monday nights, usually the first Monday of the month. They are currently being held at the Peoria Public Library, North Branch. You can check out our calender for dates. Meetings run from 5:00 to 7:00 (but don’t be afraid to come later or leave earlier if that’s what works for your schedule!). 5:00 to 5:30 is carrier check-in and mingling. Meeting content starts at 5:30. We feature a different babywearing topic each meeting, like “winter babywearing” or “nursing in carriers”.

We also feature one carrier from our lending library at each meeting, demonstating it and talking about the benefits of that particular carrier. After that, it’s hands on help from our VBEs. Saturday meetups have no meeting content and are all hands on help. You can drop in any time during the Open Help Hours and stay as long or as little as you wish.

What kind of hands on help? Well, you can learn to nurse in a mei tai.


You can learn to wear your twins. (note: this isn’t ideal positioning here. We’d like to see baby’s knees higher than his bottom, with fabric tucked to the knees. This is this mama’s first time wearing them both. We should’ve checked more carefully before we took the pic.)

You can bring your own carrier and get help on back carries.

You can find the right carrier for your newborn.

You can practice your wrapping skills.

Or try your hand at wearing two.


You are welcome to bring your older children to the meetings. There are generally several older siblings there. Feel free to bring a snack and a quiet activity for them.

Our events are free and open to anyone. We do encourage you to consider a paid membership. Membership funds help us grow our lending library. Borrowing from the lending library is a perk of paid memberships, though certainly not required to get hands on help from our Babywearing Educators. If you have questions about how to wear your baby in a way that is safe and comfortable for you both, I encourage you to attend one of our events!