Wedding Wearing

Babywearing at my mom’s wedding


My son was 13 months old when my mom and her husband got married.  The wedding actually took place in our backyard, so there was much more involved than simply being in the wedding.  We were making sure our guests were comfortable and keeping people drinking and eating too.  Lots to do with a toddler running around!

I chose a simple pouch sling for the occasion.  Mostly this was because it was black and matched my dress and matched my little one’s tux.  I was standing up for my mom and was able to wear my son during most of the ceremony.  He was happy, could see what was happening, and be part of the wedding without running all over!

For the reception, I wore him in a SSC (my typical carrier of choice) since it was easy to throw him on my back for and picking up after the guests.  It also was my carrier of choice for setting up that day!

This wedding was not formal so my plain pouch looked good.  However, if I am involved with amore formal wedding, I would probably opt for a fancy ring sling!

What carrier do you choose when you dress up with baby?