Babywearing Saves Vacation

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We recently went on an overnight trip with some friends. There was a lot of babywearing going on and it helped in a number of different situations.

First, when we were heading in to the hotel, I was able to wear Miss Little and help us get our many bags in. I tied her on in my woven wrap, carried a duffel and had a free hand to hold onto Big Brother.

When we went to the indoor water park, I wore her in the Comfy Joey water ring sling. (I was WOWED by this. Review coming soon.) I wasn’t sure how this would go. Miss Little hasn’t been to a pool since she was tiny. This one was somewhat noisy, since it was indoors. So, I was prepared to leave Big Brother with Daddy and split if need be. Babywearing enabled us to hang out as a family. The sling made her feel cozy and secure, even though we were in a strange new environment. She snuggled up against me and took it all in. In the pool, I was able to help Big Brother swim around, knowing Miss Little was safely attached to me.

After the pool, we went to dinner at a hibachi grill in the hotel. I thought the Scootababy was a perfect choice here. I started off in a hip carry, moved baby to a back carry while I loaded up my bowl, back to my hip to watch the grilling, then, a bit more to the front so she could nurse while I ate, all without removing the carrier! That is one of the best features of the Scootababy, the ability to change baby’s position with a minimum amount of fiddling.

At the other end of the table, there was some toddlerwearing going on.

After dinner, we did more babwearing– while bowling! This worked out great, especially for one of our fellow travelers, there by herself with her toddler and preschooler. Babywearing helped her get everyone where they needed to be.

She was able to help her preschooler bowl

and even take some turns herself.

I did not bowl, but did wear Miss Little around in the Scootababy there.

The next morning, I wore baby to breakfast in a wrap, enabling me to eat breakfast with both hands without needing to put her in a high chair at the restaurant.

Next, we went to the arcade, where I was able to help Big Brother play a few games while Miss Little escaped the overstimulating environment with a nap.

Babywearing made this little trip soooo much easier! I’d love to hear your adventures babywearing while traveling!


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