Beco Baby Carrier Review


Carrier: Beco Butterfly 2

Reviewed with child age: 11 months

The Beco Butterfly 2 is a soft structured carrier with buckles that can be used for both front and back carries.  The carrier goes on over your head and then buckles around your waist.  Baby is positioned inside and then the panel is pulled up to buckle in the front.  Baby is actually positioned touching fabric that is covering your chest (different from many SSCs where baby is up directly against your chest). Kind of like a pocket.  This feature was helpful for keeping baby secure when switching from front to back and may be easier for a parent who has never done back carries before. The buckles for the front panel of the carrier have an added safety feature where two hands are needed to unsnap the buckle, making it difficult for any child to unbuckle. Straps are worn rucksack style.

I was a little skeptical when I first put the carrier on.  I thought the pocket like feature would be uncomfortable, but I was surprised.  Very comfortable for me and baby!  He felt very lightweight and snug against me.

This is a great everyday/for any situation carrier, although this carrier does take a little more time to get on and off than most SSCs.  The website has several tutorials for using the carrier.  The carrier folds up nicely (the website has tutorial for this too).  I love the designs that are available and choices are gender neutral.