Onya Review

By CS (fitting note: this mama is quite petite)

I am in a quest to find the perfect SSC and have been trying many different manufacturers to find the right one.  The Onya is currently topping the list.  I like SSCs for the convenience factor and the Onya has built in baby seat that gives it an edge.  The Onya that I used was the leaf green Cruiser but the one that I have my eye on is the orange Outback.  The Outback is a water resistant and a little more breathable.  Both carriers are neutral and can be worn by a man or woman.


One of the things I am looking for is a SSC that will work for my 6 month old son and for my 2 year old daughter.  I would say that my 6 month old was just big enough to use the carrier.  Personally, I think there are better carrier options besides SSCs for under 6 months.  The Onya was big enough for my daughter.  I felt comfortable using them both in either a front or back carry.  I mainly carried the 6 month old a front carry with crossed back straps because of personal preference.  I did try the front carry with rucksack style straps and found that quite comfortable.  I had my daughter on my back.  There was good weight distribution and she would tire of being carried before I tired of carrying her.


I mainly kept the Onya in my car and would put it on, load my son and then head in the store.  That worked out really well for me.  He was always comfortable and I would do my grocery shopping.  Then I took it in one evening.  I decided to try the integrated seat feature.  I loved it.  My 6 month old was not able to sit unsupported but I could use the Onya to hold him upright in a high chair.  I would put him there while we ate dinner and he loved it.  I would not have been able to sit him in a high chair without using the Onya.  From then on, I always brought the Onya into the house just in case I would want to use the intergrated seat.  This seat feature is a big selling point for me and is part of the reason the Onya is topping my list.


In terms of other SSCs, another thing I really loved about the Onya was the straps.  They are the best straps hand down.  They remind me of seatbelt material, wide and very easy to adjust.  Every carrier I tried after the Onya, I found lacking in the strap department.


If you are in the market for a SSC, definitely check out the Onya.