What Can You Do While Babywearing- Walk the Dog!

Babywearing makes it easy for my family to go on long walks together.

As you can see, my three year old prefers to ride in the stroller on longer walks but he must be able to hold the dog leash!  This combo may not works so well with a baby in a stroller and the three year old attempting to walk the dog next to me!  Baby in this picture is about 7 -8 months old and loved to snuggle in a front carry.

Now that baby is closer to 1 year, he prefers to see a little more and goes on my back for the long walks.  If you have two (or more) and use a stroller, wearing one on your back while pushing (especially going up and down hills) really balances your body out.  This is also true when walking your dog with one baby to carry.  Always be careful when walking a dog with baby since some dogs can easily pull you and baby to the ground!. Our family loves our long walks- baby, toddler and doggie have a great time together!