Meet Up: HELP!



Why go to a Meet Up? Because there’s no shame in not having all the answers. Sure, I like to be right all of the time, but sometimes I fall short; we all do. The most important thing to me is my family and our safety. So, there’s no time like the present to ensure you’re safely wearing your kiddo(s). I purchased the Boba Wrap (used to be the Sleepy Wrap) after attending my first Monday night meeting prior to the newborn’s arrival. I got it out of the package, tried it out and plopped in the new babe when she arrived. She liked it most of the time, but every now and then, she’d start crying when I placed her inside. Initial thought was – hmmmm, why isn’t this wrap calming down my daughter like I had envisioned?


Fast forward a month when I took my 8 week old with me to the next Saturday Meet Up and asked for help (yes ladies, we all can benefit every now and then!). I learned I was wrapping the Boba perfectly, but was placing my daughter in in ENTIRELY WRONG! EEEEK!


Thank goodness only a few weeks went by after the purchase to the meeting, because I quickly learned why I needed to place her in the wrap differently. Immediately she calmed down and napped while I looked around at other wraps. Now, that was the reality I was hoping for: pure serenity with my sweet peach napping away on me (LOVE!).


Another great benefit of attending a meeting is seeing for yourself how the carriers fit. I’m not a petite or average sized person. I’m a plus size gal, and I worry about all of my ‘extra love’ hanging out of the carriers or the need to purchase extensions. By going to a meeting, you can try them on before you purchase and see just how they feel, look, and most importantly, support your lil bundle. I am impressed with how the experts take the time to share their knowledge in a very relaxed, professional way without making you feel the slightest bit of ignorant. Love going to meetings and love the support and information I receive when going to a meeting. You should give it a try!