Tip Tuesday- Tying Tibetan


Today we will talk about tying your wrap Tibetan style.  You can do this version of tying off with various carries to create a chest belt that helps move the wrappee’s weight off your shoulders and spreads it across your chest. This can be a particularly comfortable way to carry a heavy, older child. It can also be done with a mei tai.
I am using our new BBSlen that has been donated by Nova Natural Toys & Crafts.  Members can borrow this wrap from our lending library.
First get your little one on your back in your normal way.  I will be doing a simple Ruck carry.
At this point I am sandwiching the shoulders.  I fold the bottom rail under the top rail so that two layers of wrap are on my shoulders for a little more cushion.  You could also bunch your straps.


Both sides now have sandwiched shoulders.  If you try sandwiching the shoulders remember to keep more tension on the top part of the wrap rather than the bottom piece or you may lose the nice seat you created.

At this point, I have made the beginning of the criss cross on the child’s bottom (not shown) by bringing the wrap under my arm, then over the child’s hip, across his bottom and under his other leg. Then, I bring the end back to the front (the other end is tucked between my legs to keep the tension). 

I cross the end over my chest, bringing it under the shoulder strap on the opposite side.

Do the same with the other side.  You will now have an X across your chest.


Tie the two straps in a double knot and you are ready to go.

View from the side.  This is also a great way to wear your wrap without any belly pressure or if your wrap is longer than you would need for this carry.