Look at All of Our Carriers!

By B

Before I show you all the pics of our fantastic carriers, I want to talk about how we got them (yes, telethon style.) Some of these carriers are donated by their manufacturer or by a retailer. If you decide to buy something you learned about here, feel free to let the vendor know that you learned about them from BWI of Peoria. We don’t get any further kickbacks, but it lets vendors know that donating to us was a good move for them. Maybe the next time they have a product to donate, it will help them think of us. Or maybe all the vendors will tell each other how wonderful we are and they’ll all want to donate. Right? That could happen, right?

Some carriers were donated to us by individuals. These were carriers that they used to use with their own kids. When the kids outgrew them, the parents donated to us instead of reselling the carrier. Since BWI is a non-profit organization, they can write off the donation. If you’re interested in donating your gently used carrier to our lending library, let us know! We loving growing our library, though not every carrier meets our criteria. You can message a VBE for more about this: info@bwiofpeoria.org

Still more carriers were bought by our group for the lending library. All of the funds we have come from memberships, fundraisers and donations. Group memberships are $30/year, half of which goes to our group. The major perk of membership is that you can check out any carrier in our lending library. BUT, even if you don’t intend to check out a carrier, you still might want to consider purchasing a membership, participating in a fundraiser or making a tax deductible donation. Why? Well, maybe you like having these carriers available, to try on, to help you make your purchasing decision. Consider the cost of doing a carrier rental program with all of these carriers! The cost of shipping them back and forth! But, thanks to the generosity of the Peoria area babywearing community, we have so many carriers on hand for you to try out. We have trained, certifed Educators to help you to safely use the carriers or even carriers you already own. Consider the value of having hands on help with any carrier, with any age baby.

Alright, enough of my sales pitch, check out all our awesome carriers! (A few woven wraps are missing from these pics; they were checked out when these were taken.)

Some soft structured carriers

Some mei tais

Stretchy and hybrid wraps

Wovens and ring slings (3 missing here)

Aren’t they beautiful? Up next, a pic of me swimming through them like Scrooge McDuck…