Tip Tuesday- Lexi Twist

Today we will talk about the Lexi twist.  The Lexi twist can be used with both woven wraps and Mei Tai’s.  It can provide extra support for bigger kids when used under the bum, it can help keep leaners from leaning away from you and it can be used with little newborns to keep the pressure off of their body.  You can use the Lexi twist in front carries or back carriers.



First start with baby on your back with both shoulder straps coming over your shoulders.

Bring both shoulder straps under your arm and over baby’s legs.

Cross the shoulder straps over one another.



Then cross them over each other a second time.

Bring back under baby’s legs and tie in front as you normally tie off with a knot.

In a front carry you can start off the same way with both straps coming under your arms.  I am using a Kangaroo carry here with the shoulders flipped.

Bring both straps over the legs.


Twist one strap over the other strap twice.


Then bring both straps under baby’s legs and to the back to tie in a knot.

For a newborn you would start the same way with both straps coming under your arms



Come over baby’s legs.

Do the twist below the baby’s bum.

Finish by bringing the straps below baby’s legs so that the strap is on your belly.  Bring to the back and tie in a knot.

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