Tip Tuesday- Sandwiched Shoulders



Today we will talk about two different ways to have your shoulder straps lay in a wrap carry.  The first is known as “bunched” and the second is known as “sandwiched”.  I will be using our lending library’s Dolcino wrap, it is a size 6 (4.2m) but this method can be used with any size wrap.  It is especially useful when doing a rucksack carry as it helps maintain a good knee to knee seat for your little one.




First I put my son on my back in my usual manner, I tuck the wrap knee to knee on him and up between my back and his body.  I bring both straps over my shoulders.


At this point you can see both shoulder straps are just bunched up on my shoulders.  This is known as the bunched method.  I can hold both straps in my hand and stand straight up with him in the seat and finish off the carry as I normally would by brining both straps to the back over his legs, cross under his bum then under the opposite leg bring in front and tie in a knot.

Or you can do the sandwiched shoulder.  I lean over a bit again, tuck one shoulder strap between my knees and work with one side at a time.  I spread the entire shoulder strap width out over my arm.

I then bring both rails together by taking the rail closest to my wrist and matching it up with the rail closest to my neck, so that the fold will now be closer to my shoulder.  You can see the lighter green portion of the wrap is now under the the top darker portion.


I do this on both sides and finish off the carry as I normally would as stated above.

Finished off with sandwiched shoulders.  This method adds a bit of cushion to the shoulder area while also making the fabric a little more narrow.

Here I will show bunched shoulders to sandwiched in a front carry.  Here I am doing our featured carry the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).


Bunched shoulders coming around my back and over my shoulders.

Now I take one shoulder at a time and pull down on the rail closest to the outside near my shoulder.

I spread the fabric down towards my wrist.



Pull that rail up towards my neck.  Now you can see the lighter green bottom portion of the wrap is sitting on top of the darker green top portion.

This is the sandwiched shoulder in a FWCC.