Member Spotlight

Each month a member will be spotlighted. This is a great way for you to get to know members of BWI, learn about why they came and continue to come to meetings, what their favorite carrier is and why, etc.

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Meet Cara Davis: 

Cara has been a BWI member for 3 years.

Cara and her daughter Ava.
Cara and her daughter.

I started wearing when my first child was born 4 years ago. I had learned of babywearing through a friend and an attachment parenting group. I wanted to create a bond with my baby, avoid lugging too heavy for me car seats and have the option to leave strollers behind. I had no idea how magical and life changing babywearing actually was until my, oh so colicky, son arrived. I’m so grateful to have learned about babywearing before having children.

I started coming to meetings after my second child was born. I knew there was a great support group here with so many different options available. I wanted to tap into that and learn more.

Meetings were also a safe place to talk with other moms and practice breastfeeding in public. I learned how to nurse my baby so discretely in public while wearing her that many had no idea and she was much more content than my son had been.

My very first carrier was a Sleepy Wrap, now called Boba. It was so cozy and had amazing sleepy dust.

I love woven wraps because of their beauty, comfort and versatility.

My advice for new moms is to go to meetings and take advantage of all of the different carriers and help from experienced educators.


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