Lending Library

Our lending library is always growing! Currently on lending library plays host to at least 48 carriers. All of these are available for try ons for free at meetings and for lending to group members. Group members may check out carriers after they have completed the membership application, paid the fee ($30) and attended two meetings. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, please contact us info@bwiofpeoria.org Currently, our lending library includes: Woven Wraps

  • BB Slen (Lychee, 6)
  • Chimparoo(Tango)
  • Colimacon & Cie Malice et Miel (Turquoise, 6)
  • Didymos Indio (Rubinrot, 3-)
  • Didymos Waves (Sequoia Waves, 4)
  • Dolcino (Bali, 6)
  • Ellevill Zara (Blossom, 6)
  • Girasol (16b, 2)
  • Hoppediz (Dublin, 7)
  • Didymos Nino (Anthracite, 8)
  • Cari Slings Cardidea (Sand, 7)
  • Kokadi Fire Birds (4)
  • Wrapsody Breeze (B)
  • Pavo Pavo (Jaipur, 6)
  • Didymos Lisca (Viola, 5)

Ring Slings

Stretchy/Hybrid Wraps


Mei Tais


  • Hotslings (Black, 2)
  • Hotslings (Fleece, 3)
  • Hotslings (Fleece, 4)
  • Hotslings (Ivory, 4)
  • Mama’s Milk Solarveil (Navy)
  • Seven Slings (Autumn Blaze, 3)

Ask us about personal carriers that also may be available for lending!

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