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Featured Carry- Ruck Tied In Front


This week’s featured carry carry is the Ruck Tied in Front (RTIF).  This is my go to back carry.  I like it because it is easy to tie and very quick.  It is also a single layer over the child and just the ruck straps for me.  This makes it a good carry for warmer weather.    For this carry I am using our library’s Didymos Sequoia Waves.  This wrap was donated by Birdie’s Room and the pictures don’t quite do it justice.  It is a size 4 and my son in about 10 months in these pictures.  This carry is good for babies with good head and torso control as well as for toddlers.

The first step is getting your baby on your back.  There are lots of ways to do this.  I am using a superman toss method, but any method is fine.  Personally, I like the superman toss because it is easy to get your baby as high as you would like.
The wrap needs to end up centered on your baby.
After your child is on your back and the wrap is going around his body, bring each end of the wrap over your shoulder.
Make sure your child has a good seat and the wrap is going from knee to knee.  Also make sure the wrap extends up to your baby’s armpits. Then you are going to take the wrap and gather it over each shoulder.
Next you are going to take the gathered wrap and bring it under your arms and over your baby’s legs.
Cross it under your baby’s butt and bring it back around to the front by going under your baby’s legs.
Tie in front with a double knot.  If you prefer to tie Tibetan, you could do that as well.
This is a very easy carry and if you have never tied on your back before his is a good one to start learning.

Tip Tuesday- Superman Toss


This week we will talk about another way to get your child on your back.  I will be doing the superman toss. I will be using our lending libraries Ellevill Zara Blossom.

First I gather my wrap and child.  I center the wrap on my son’s back, with the top of the wrap just over his shoulders

Facing my son I put my left hand under his left armpit.  I hold the wrap with my thumb on the top of the shoulder

I do the same with my right hand.

I now step under my son while lifting him up.  I step under him rather than flying him over my shoulder to avoid the wrap getting twisted under his body

Here you can see how I lift him while stepping under him.

Almost done and he is having fun.

He is now on my back nice and high without the wrap being tangled.

Now we are ready to finish the carry.