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Tip Tuesday- The Couch Method


Today we will talk about the chair method to get your little one on your back.  This is a great way to get comfortable getting a little one on your back in a safe manner until you feel ready to try some of the other methods.  My husband has a bit of a problem loading our son on his back unless I am there to help him out.  He is a bit too tall for Nolan to climb on his back and he has not mastered the hip scoot method yet.  This way is safe and easy for my husband to get Nolan up all by himself.  He is using our lending library’s Tula standard size carrier.
First lay out the carrier on a chair or couch, this can even be done in the car.  Loosen the arm straps a bit more than usual to make it easier to pull up over your shoulders.
 Seat child in the carrier with the legs under the waist strap.
 Sit in front of carrier and child and attach the waist strap.  Tighten it as much as possible.
 Slip arms through the arm straps, which are buckled just loosened.
Come to a standing position and tighten the waist straps and arm straps.
 Push up  on child’s legs gently to insure that the child’s bottom is lower than the knees ensuring a good seat
Now you are done.  Child is happy and safely on daddy’s back.  You can sit back down and remove the arm straps and waist strap to unload child.

Tip Tuesday- Getting a Toddler on Your Back

This week we are talking about getting a toddler on your back.  This is one of my favorite ways to get my 3yr old on my back especially now that I am pregnant.
First I put the carrier on my waist with the back panel hanging down and the shoulder straps clipped.  I bend down to toddler height.


I then ask my son to climb on my back.



 I lean slightly forward so he can get both legs up on my back, piggy back style.


 I flip the body of the carrier up his back and put my arms through the straps.  


I do a little bounce to get him well seated.   


 Stand up and off we go.  This works great for carrying through busy airports when you need your hands to pull luggage.