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Colimacon et Cie Review

By B

We got the Colimacon & Cie wrap at a discount from The Blueberry Tree. (Thanks!) We used the “Surprise Me” listing to save 10%, letting Susan select the color for us. She nicely tossed swatches of all of the colors in with our order. They are all beautiful. Really, there’s nothing I would’ve been disappointed with. The solids are plain enough for dads to wear, but bright enough to not be at all boring.

We got the wrap in a 4.5 m, though they have a full range of sizes, from 2.5 to 5.5 meters. The 4.5 m length, a size 6-ish, is a versatile length. For most average sized mamas, this is their base size. If you are tall, fluffy or busty, you’d want to size up. This is the size I would use for a front wrap cross carry, my go to front carry, as well as multi layered back carries.

Out of the box, I’d call this wrap softish. It comes with a nice instruction book, which tells you to wash the wrap before use. I tumbled it for 10 minutes, then hung it dry. Out of the wash, it was a bit crunchy, so I set about breaking it in. There are a number of things you can do to break a wrap in. I go with the lazy gal’s way and haul the wrap around like it’s my blankie. I sit on it on the couch. I make other family members sit on it. I smush it around while I’m watching TV. I get kids to smush it around. If I’m sitting down, the wrap is underneath me. I’ve even slept with wraps under my pillow, though I didn’t with this one. If you were intending to use this with a newborn, I’d advise buying it and prepping it ahead of time. Right out of the box, I don’t know that I find it newborn soft, though I’m picky about what I use with teensy ones.

When broken in, this wrap could absolutely be your one and only. If you are someone who is looking to buy one wrap, not spend a ton, be able to use it from small baby through heavy toddler and share the wrap with your spouse, I’d encourage you to try this wrap out.

One feature I noticed on this wrap that I haven’t seen before is the stitching on the edges. Each side is a different color. This would be a big help to a newbie wrapper, helping you make sure you know which end is which. I’ve seen wraps with each edge a different color, but I haven’t seen a solid color wrap that still helps you differentiate. It’s a nice feature.

Something else that I like about this wrap is how sturdy it is. This is not a wrap that you need to baby. If I owned it, I’d machine dry it (on low). It’s very hardy, not easily snaggable. This is a wrap you can use as a picnic blanket, as a hammock, that you can let your toddler drag around without worry. This is a parking lot wrap.

I tried my 36 lb 4 year old in it. While we don’t do a lot of wearing these days, I do consider this something that would be suitable to wear him in.