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Featured Carry- Front Cross Carry

By B

This is the very first carry I learned as a new wrapper! It uses the same length that you would use for a front wrap cross carry. For me, that’s a size 6 (4.6m). I’m using our BB Slen, which is 4.9 m. The adorable baby is 10 months old.

Front Cross Carry (FCC) is a pretied carry, so really nice for out and about. Since it knots in the front, it’s great for running errands. You don’t have a knot digging into your back while you’re seated in the car.

As always, we LOVE for you to try these carries with us, share pics on our Facebook page, ask questions, share your tips or link to great instructional videos!

We start this carry with the middle of the wrap in the middle of your back


I hold one end between my legs to make sure everything stays centered while I cross the other end across my front.


Then cross the other end over the other shoulder

Make sure these aren’t too tight. Since this is a pretied carry, you’ll want to tinker around with how much slack you need to have room for baby without being too saggy.

Criss cross across your back, one side

Then the other

Then knot in front. As usual, tie a double knot. If you have extra and want to tie a bow, do so, but only after you’ve tied the knot.

Move any slack in the straps to the front to make room for baby

You are going to put baby in the crosses so the X is on her butt. If you did Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), this is the same carry, but without the horizontal pass. Baby goes in the same way. I put her in the pass that is underneath the other one, closest to my body first, spreading as I go.

I want the wrap spread from knee to knee so she is in a nice seat. I also want the wrap going up to at least her armpits. (Honestly, I don’t have this spread well enough. It should go up higher on her back, ideally, to her armpits. I didn’t notice until after we were done with pics. So spread spread spread those passes!)

As I get the passes more spread out, she’s settling more into the seat and I’m able to hold onto her less and spread the wrap with both hands

That’s basically it. For a younger baby, I can tuck her arms in and use one of the crosses to support her head. Now, I can leave it like this

Or I can sandwich the shoulders