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Je Porte Mon Bebe Wrap Review

By B

I’m more excited about this wrap than I’ve been about one for a while. This is so cool! Je Porte Mon Bebe is a fabulous French company. The wrap is a hybrid stretchy. It can be used for back carries safely, unlike a traditional stretchy. The name means “I carry my baby” or “I wear my baby”. Je Porte Mon Bebe is all about babywearing education. I love their philosophy:

Our purpose is to deliver the best wrap possible and its explanations, in order to have an easy, durable, and physiological baby carrying experience.We focus on the teaching as much as on the product R&D. Since 2005 we do weekly workshops to explain babywearing to parents in Paris. Since 2008 we have an instruction program to train health professionals and baby wearing instructors to teach wraps to parents in need. There is now a JPMBB workshop network across France and Belgium. We’re a pretty hardcore and unconventional company, very close to our users, and users ourselves. We’re dedicated 24/7 to babywearing with no compromise. As a company, we focus on putting sense in the product and in the commercial transaction. We consider the buying as a beginning between us and the user, not the end of the story. Our ultimate goal is a correct and physiological use of the wrap and an increase of the user’s parental trust.”

Their site  and many of their amazing instructional videos are in English as well as French. They have the absolute best, most thorough, easy to understand videos that I have seen. Hands down. And, guys, I’ve seen a lot of instructional videos.

The wrap is 5 m long, 70 cm in width, which is wider than a lot of wraps. This is part of what makes it secure for back carries. (Most stretchy wraps are NOT safe for back carries. If you have an older stretchy wrap, the manual may show how to do a back carry, but these are no longer recommended and are not safe. Hybrid stetchies are safe for back carries.)

The wraps come in an array of solid colors, with a contrasting pocket in the center. They are gender neutral, but not boring, very stylish. The fabric is a cotton spandex blend, made specifically for JPMBB. It stretches in all directions, but is very dense, the same density as a woven wrap. What does that mean? This is another part of why it’s safe for back carries. Though the wrap is stretchy, the density means that it’s hard for the baby or child to stretch. I’ve done some experimenting with my older child and he can’t get himself into an unsafe position, like falling off my back, even when he tries with a spotter. I feel very safe with Baby Peach  on my back. I was surprised at how comfortable it was with my 35 lb big boy. I could definitely carry him in it. He is at the maximum weight for it and I expected it to be not very comfortable.

I learned a new carry to do in this wrap, the Reverse Double Hammock, from the videos on the page.

I admit, I was a little nervous wearing such a stretchy wrap on my back, but it felt very secure, even the first time. The instructions are very easy to follow and detailed. What I really like about this wrap in that carry is how very soft and comfortable it is across my chest. I’m picky about chest belts in wraps, how they are tied and which wraps I find comfortable enough for them. The JPMBB is sooo squishy soft, it doesn’t bother my bony upper chest at all.

It’s definitely soft enough for use from birth, soft enough for even the tiniest, most sensitive baby. The density makes it strong enough for long carries, even as my baby gets heavier. I think that density and softness would make it a really good choice for a preemie. (I have no personal experience with preemies, though, so take that for what it’s worth.) There is a lot more versatility with this than with a typical stretchy wrap, in that you can do so many different carries. If you love your stretchy wrap, but your baby is getting too heavy or you want to do back carries, this is for you. If you like the versatility of a woven wrap, but find they aren’t soft and squishy enough, consider a Je Porte Mon Bebe.

The company could not have been nicer to deal with. Plus, you feel really cool getting a package from France!