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Tips for Summer Babywearing



Is it safe to wear my baby in the heat?  This is a question that only you can answer for yourself.  You will want to take into account the age of your baby, they type of carrier you have available and the temperature.

Are you going to get hot if you wear your baby in the summer heat? Well, yes, but you were going to be hot anyway.  And if you are not wearing your baby- you are probably going to be carrying your baby!

Will your baby be overheated next to you? Probably not, BUT do take precautions and always check on your baby.  Remember, people all over the world wear babies and in different temperatures (even in the hottest locations).  Your baby will be close to you (as opposed to in a stroller) and you will easily be able to monitor baby’s reaction to the heat.

Ways to stay cool:
1.  Avoid the sun.  Stay in the shade, use an umbrella or wide brimmed hat.  Very tiny babies should probably stay completely out of the sun.  You can also purchase sunshade covers for carriers or use the tail of your ring sling.  Use sunscreen.

2.  Drink lots of water.  This is especially important if you are nursing.  Make sure baby has water or breast milk readily available.
3.  Dress yourself and baby lightly. You may find one layer of clothing to be more comfortable that sweating skin to skin.

3.  Unwrap occasionally and cool off.  Keeping yourself moving also helps to create a breeze.
4.  Choose a lightweight fabric or a carrier that allows air to pass between you and baby.

5.  Use a handheld fan or a spray bottle to spritz you and baby.  Ice packs can also be used to keep cool, just be careful not to put ice directly on baby’s skin (or your skin).
6.  Choose a carry that limits contact and fabric such as a back carry.  If using a wrap, do a carry that only uses one layer of fabric across you and baby (such as a rucksack carry).

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