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Tip Tuesday- Nursing in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

By CS (KSC is taking a little maternity break from tips, but we’ll see her in the fall with some newborn tips, I’d bet)

Nursing in Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is probably the first carry that many people learn.  I know it is the first carry that I learned and it is definitely the first carry I teach.  It is one of my go to carries.  I use it or one of its variations from birth till the present day.  It was only recently that I learned this great tip for nursing in it though.  Previously to nurse, I would untie the knot, lower my baby, nurse, and then basically re-tie the carry.  I’ll admit it wasn’t my favorite which is one of the reasons that I love this tip.

Start with your child in FWCC.  This is my 13 month old guy.  As you can see, I am wearing him really high and he has a nice seat but there is no way I could nurse in this position.  

I have my wrap bunched already but if you are using FWCC with the passes spread across your child’s back you would bunch them.  Then you will take your baby out of the crosses without untying the wrap.

Your baby is now only supported by the pocket and the X is between your body and your baby’s legs.

You can then shift your baby into a nursing position.  This is NOT a hands free way to nurse.

After you baby is finished nursing, return to the upright position.  You don’t want to leave your baby in the cradle position.  The baby isn’t secure until you re-assemble the wrap

Now put your baby’s legs back into the X.

Make sure your baby has a good seat.

Now, untie your wrap and retighten if necessary.  The younger your child the more likely you will need to retighten and the more important that you do.

At the conclusion, you should still have a very nice FWCC.