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Babywearing in CO: Onya Goes Traveling with a Toddler


We took the Onya on our vacation to Boulder, Colorado, this summer with our almost two year old who is about 25 pounds.

Since I was recovering from a slow-to-heal stress fracture that was acting up while we were there, I wasn’t able to do as much hiking as I hoped.  I had planned to for my husband to use the carriers. So we didn’t do as much babywearing as planned.

That said, these carriers still made our trip so much easier.
One huge benefit was getting around the Denver airport. My husband was even allowed to wear our son through security! He had our son in the Onya while we rode a shuttle bus from the car rental drop off to the airport, on the escalators, on a train between concourses and on several moving sidewalks.  It went so much more smoothly with the carrier than if we’d tried to manage a stroller and our luggage.
We never had the right carrier and table set up and toddler temperament coincide to try the high chair feature out. But I was excited about the potential and think this be a great feature to use.

Oddly I’ve never nursed in a carrier before—I get overwhelmed trying new things and the situation never arose where I decided I had to figure it out previously—but I managed to figure it out when we got to Boulder Falls as my son had been wanting milk for most of the drive there and was not going to let my husband wear him. I was impressed how well the carrier worked for discrete nursing as this was a popular spot.

We do have a ring sling and an Ergo that we use sparingly and left at home. I can say I’m very glad we listened to our friends and borrowed a toddler friendly carrier for our trip.

Babywearing While Travelling


Babywearing while travelling is not only a convenience but also a necessity sometimes.

I love being able to wear my son while traveling.  Not only is it convenient, it is easy, quick and leaves me with free hands to do other things, such as pull my bags or grab a bite to eat.  We have travelled quite a bit by plane in the last few years and it is always so nice to keep my son close to me while walking through busy airports, waiting to go through customs or just trying to get to the next gate in a large airport on time.  While I love walking at a toddlers pace the majority of the time, sometimes you just need to get to the gate in a hurry.  I don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone with my stroller or stopping at the end of the jetway to open or fold up my stroller and HOPE that the baggage handler will be gentle with my stuff.  I walk right onto the plane with my son on my back and quickly find our seats.  If I am using a wrap it also has been a great snuggle blanket, pillow and cover up for breastfeeding.

On train rides


or boats

it is so much easier for me to get on and off the transportation in a timely manner and not have to struggle with equipment so that I can hold my bags with ease.  I have watched fellow passengers struggle with all their belongings and the stress it causes them.  I have even been asked to hold a women’s newborn at the security check point when she was traveling on her own as she had to disassemble her stroller and car seat and load it onto the scanner.  Of course you never mind holding a little newborn to help a mama out but I thought of how much easier it would have been for her to have the baby in a comfy sling and her hands free to do what she needed.

I have also worn my son while on day trips to museums or the airshow when the day is just a bit longer than little legs will hold out for.  It is so nice to be able to hear his comments and have communication that isn’t possible for me to have with him when he sits in a stroller without me stopping to bend over and hear what he is trying to say.

On this last trip I took with my son I was so grateful to have my carrier with me.  My son is 3 years old now and can walk the entire time at an airport especially with a direct flight so I thought I wouldn’t need a carrier.  As it turns out he hurt his foot the night before our flight in the hotel pool and had to be carried through the large airport.  Without my carrier I would have had no way to pull luggage and hold him in arms while travelling solo and being 6 months pregnant.  So next time you plan to travel by plane, train or even just in the city for the day consider the convenience of a carrier.


Concert Wearing- Take 2


I have written before about wearing babies at concerts, but wanted to revisit this topic since I now have bigger babies. One child is 16 months

and the other is almost four.

We recently attended a show that did not allow strollers.The easiest thing was to load up both boys to carry them in. I typically use a SSC that can be used interchangeably. This time, I  added the Kozy mei tai from our library to my concert gear. Daddy carried one

and I carried the other.

The venue had a very steep hill that was not at all safe for my little guy to walk on. Carrying my older boy made it easy to manuever crowds (and walk faster than a snail). Both had a great time and fell asleep during the second set.

Easy to lay down my sleeping toddler right in the carrier!

BB goes to CO



The BB Slen is a well-traveled wrap! It came with my little family on a trip to north central Colorado. Only a mere 30 miles south of the most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history, we went on a mile long hike in the Front Range foothills of the Rocky Mountains at Heil Valley Ranch. I tossed my 18-lb, 14-month old on my back in a rucksack carry.



It was a comfortable 70-something degree, overcast day at the beginning of our hike, which was an improvement from 99 degrees the day before! By the end of the hike, the sun had come out, and I could feel the sweat was rolling.


What I love most about this wrap and rucksack carry is the even distribution of weight on my back. There aren’t any pressure points, and when tied tightly (with the help of my lovely husband), Baby felt snug and secure. I could jiggle side to side, and she wasn’t going to go anywhere. Safety was a big factor here, especially considering the rocky and uneven terrain we were hiking on. Thank goodness, I did not end up getting winded, as it was a nice, leisurely hike, even considering the altitude.



The absolute best part of all…having your sweet little one fall asleep while being worn. To me, as a mother, nothing is more validating than having a happy, content, SLEEPING baby while I get to enjoy mother nature. To keep her sleeping, bobble-head secure, I just had my husband help pull the sides of the wrap up on either side of her, while making sure her face was still visible and her airways free.



Overall, we had a fantastic hike. Thank you so much to Babywearing International of Peoria for letting us borrow this beautiful wrap for our trip!!!!