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Wearing Two in One Wrap

By B

Those of you who follow our Facebook page may have noticed my pic the other day of myself wearing 2 toddlers, my own and one I babysit. Several people posted to ask how I did it, so I banged out a quick tutorial at our recent park playdate. I am wearing an 18 month old and a 15 month old in my size 6 Hopp (I’d call it a long 6). We do have a Hoppediz in our lending library as well.

I start off with child 2 on my back. He is in a rucksack carry that is not yet tied off.

Basicallly, I’m going to tie the straps Tibetan and put Baby 1 in the crosses, much like a Front Cross Carry. I criss cross the straps across my chest and bring them through the ruck straps.

I use my arm to make space in the straps where I will put baby

Holding baby in a high burp position, I reach underneath and bring her leg through. She ends up with the X on her bottom. I spread the crosses so that baby is supported. (See the Front Cross Carry tutorial if you need more detailed instructions on that carry.)

Then, I tie a knot behind her back. I’ve also tied under her bottom and I’ve seen it tied in between baby and wearer.

The view from the front


and back

I like this carry because I feel like each baby is well supported, but they aren’t pulling on each other as much as some other ways to wear two in one ¬†wrap.

The only drawback is that if the baby on the back wants off, you have to take down the front baby, too.