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Tips and Tricks- Purchasing Your Carrier


You’ve done your research, made your decisions and you’re very excited to get your new carrier.  Chances are you can simply buy your carrier from a babywearing vendor.  We like Once Upon a Sling, the Blueberry Tree and Birdie’s Room.  They all have a large selection of the carriers they stock.  However, your carrier could be more difficult to find.  You may have to do a little legwork.  

One of the first places to check are the larger for sale or trade sites (FSOT).  The Babywearer has a free FSOT area but requires you register for the group.  

There is also a Babywearing Swap on Facebook.  
A little warning, these sites will make you want things that you didn’t know existed.  Both of these sites have an “In Search Of” area, where you can post what you would like.  You may have to wait a while but this can be one of the cheaper ways to purchase a carrier.

If you are a patient person, another option is to buy a carrier on a pre-order.  In this case, you are buying before the carrier is made.  

Generally, a portion is paid up front.  You then wait several weeks to several months before the carriers are finished.  To receive your carrier, you pay the remainder of your balance.  This is a great way to get hard to find wraps, but the wait can seem forever.

It is a good idea to  “Like” the facebook pages of your favorite brands.  Some brands also have a newsletter.  Many manufactures will post when they are stocking new carriers and when new options are available.  Then, it is just a matter of being patient and hoping for a good computer connection when they stock.

Finally, if you are truly obsessing with a carrier and don’t want to inadvertently miss one of their postings, you can sign up for hyper alerts.  Hyper alerts are free and will send you emails when updates are made to Facebook pages.  Since you can’t control what shows up in your facebook feed, this is a surefire way to know when your favorite brands are posting.
Happy searching and best of luck.