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Poppin’s Hip Carry Video Tutorial

The first carry that I was able to successfully nurse in, using a woven wrap was the Poppin’s Hip Carry. I also think it’s a very pretty carry and has therefore become a favorite of mine. The classic Poppin’s Hip Carry is tied under the baby’s bum but for aesthetic reasons and because I feel I can get it just a bit more secure, I prefer to tie it in the back, as in behind my back. A Poppin’s Hip Carry can really be done with any size woven wrap depending on the size of mom and the size of baby. I learned this carry using my base size of a 5 and I found it easier to learn to do with a larger wrap. Once I got the hang of it, I have done it in a longer size 2 and in a size 3 comfortably. The baby still needs seat support from knee to knee in this carry as with any carry so when making your seat please keep the gentle M position in mind. Also keep in mind for nursing you may want to keep baby just a bit lower than “close enough to kiss” once baby has finished nursing you can undo the 2nd knot in your double knot and tighten up a bit to raise baby back up. I tend to just wear baby a tad low just enough to nurse in this carry. Nursing in any carry, especially a woven wrap takes a lot of practice, I still do not feel as tho I have completely mastered it. Below is my video tutorial for Poppin’s Hip Carry tied in back.


Poppin’s Hip Carry Video Tutorial


We’re back with some tutorial videos!!!

If you are local to Peoria, IL, you know that, though our blog has been languishing, our group has been growing. Babywearing International of Peoria still has meeting twice a month. Check out our Facebook page and Facebook chat group for more info on our events. With our growing membership, we’ve found some new volunteers and hope to get back to at least semi-regular blogging. I’m very excited to introduce a new volunteer who will be doing some tutorial videos! She isn’t a VBE yet, but she’s very enthusiastic and is learning fast.

Hi, I’m Lydia a mom to a 5 year old daughter and a 7 month old daughter. I am relatively new to babywearing but have dove in head first. I did not really know anything about babywearng with my first daughter– using a hot sling fitted pouch and a bjorn style carrier. When I had my second daughter along with two dogs I knew that there had to be a better way to keep my baby close and still be able to accomplish my daily responsibilities. I started out with a Moby, but when we moved into the an apartment, completely new to Peoria with warm weather approaching, I needed better options to use when taking my dogs on walks. I went to the local Target and bought an Ergo, which to me was my gateway to babywearing. I found our local group through a google search and connected with them on Facebook. I soon discovered so many more options existed and I wanted to try them all. A ring sling was next, followed by a woven wrap (or a few). Between video tutorials and hands on help at the local BWI Peoria meetings I became pretty obsessed with babywearing. I cannot go a single day without babywearing multiple times a day. I babywear for dog walks, cleaning, grocery shopping, breastfeeding, snuggling and just to walk from my front door to the car!
When I really started learning about woven wraps and wrapping the name of the carry that I heard tossed around so often was “The Double Hammock”, abbreviated DH. After much practice with front carries, I was feeling very comfortable with my woven wrap. I moved on to back carries. My first truly successful back carry was a double hammock; it felt so secure with my barely 6 month old baby girl. Below are a few video tutorials that are all about the double hammock. All three videos are done using our lending library’s Ellevill Zara Blossom size 6. A double hammock is not a beginning carry but can be accomplished with practice. This carry can be done with any woven wrap size 4 to 7 depending on the size of wearer and baby.  This first video will walk you through the steps of a double hammock. This video uses a hip scoot with the seat made on my hip. Remember to start off center of the middle marker as mentioned in the video.
This next video is a variation on a double hammock. This video uses 2 sling rings to secure the tails of the double hammock at the chest pass versus tying off. This is a double hammock double rings or abbreviated DHDR. Only rings from slingrings.com should be used for babywearing as they are weight tested. Never use welded rings for babywearing! This variation is my all time favorite. Since the carry is secured right at the chest belt there is no need to tie off. Therefore, this carry can me done with a woven wrap of pretty much any size 2  and up, depending on the size of wearer and baby as well as how much tail you don’t mind having left over. This variation also starts off center
This final double hammock video I always think of as “oops I wanted to do a double hammock”. This varaition starts at the middle marker and ties at the shoulder or can be tied with a candy cane chest belt. Tied at the should is abbreviated DHTAS and the candy cane chest belt variation is abbreviated DH w/ CCCB. This, like the orginal double hammock, can be done with a woven wrap size 4 to 7. I like to do this variation when I already have baby on my back with the middle marker at baby’s back and realize… oh wait I wanted to do a double hammock, now what? A double hammock can still be done with this variation.
Please remember that all back carries must be done with a  woven wrap, not a stretchy wrap. It is also a good idea to have a spotter or to attempt this over a soft surface if you are not experienced with back wrapping. Hopefully these videos help you find the love for the double hammock.

Tip Tuesday- Nursing in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

By CS (KSC is taking a little maternity break from tips, but we’ll see her in the fall with some newborn tips, I’d bet)

Nursing in Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is probably the first carry that many people learn.  I know it is the first carry that I learned and it is definitely the first carry I teach.  It is one of my go to carries.  I use it or one of its variations from birth till the present day.  It was only recently that I learned this great tip for nursing in it though.  Previously to nurse, I would untie the knot, lower my baby, nurse, and then basically re-tie the carry.  I’ll admit it wasn’t my favorite which is one of the reasons that I love this tip.

Start with your child in FWCC.  This is my 13 month old guy.  As you can see, I am wearing him really high and he has a nice seat but there is no way I could nurse in this position.  

I have my wrap bunched already but if you are using FWCC with the passes spread across your child’s back you would bunch them.  Then you will take your baby out of the crosses without untying the wrap.

Your baby is now only supported by the pocket and the X is between your body and your baby’s legs.

You can then shift your baby into a nursing position.  This is NOT a hands free way to nurse.

After you baby is finished nursing, return to the upright position.  You don’t want to leave your baby in the cradle position.  The baby isn’t secure until you re-assemble the wrap

Now put your baby’s legs back into the X.

Make sure your baby has a good seat.

Now, untie your wrap and retighten if necessary.  The younger your child the more likely you will need to retighten and the more important that you do.

At the conclusion, you should still have a very nice FWCC.

Sequoia Waves Review

By B

We recently received this gorgeous Didymos Sequoia Waves as a donation from Birdie’s Room. (Thanks!) The pattern of this wrap is absolutely stunning in an outdoor setting. The sun really plays up the subtle beauty of this versatile and neutral wrap.

The color is great because it’s Dad-friendly, but the varying shades keep it from being remotely blah. It’s really flattering for a lot of skin tones and would work with many wardrobe choices.

The weave of this wrap is more airy than some. This makes it a cool choice for hot weather. I still find it to be supportive for my 20 lb baby.

It is softer out of the box than some, not needing much breaking in. The more open weave does make it more prone to pulls/snags, but that same openness makes pulls easier to fix.

We have this in a size 4 (3.6 m), which I find to be a very versatile size. You can do a lot of carries without a lot of extra bulk, very nice for warm weather. This length and the thin fabric help Waves fold up fairly small for on the go. Just be careful if your diaper bag has velcro closures!

All in all, this is a beautiful wrap, thin and airy, terrific for hot day, but supportive enough for use year round.


Tip Tuesday- Superman Toss


This week we will talk about another way to get your child on your back.  I will be doing the superman toss. I will be using our lending libraries Ellevill Zara Blossom.

First I gather my wrap and child.  I center the wrap on my son’s back, with the top of the wrap just over his shoulders

Facing my son I put my left hand under his left armpit.  I hold the wrap with my thumb on the top of the shoulder

I do the same with my right hand.

I now step under my son while lifting him up.  I step under him rather than flying him over my shoulder to avoid the wrap getting twisted under his body

Here you can see how I lift him while stepping under him.

Almost done and he is having fun.

He is now on my back nice and high without the wrap being tangled.

Now we are ready to finish the carry.


Colimacon et Cie Review

By B

We got the Colimacon & Cie wrap at a discount from The Blueberry Tree. (Thanks!) We used the “Surprise Me” listing to save 10%, letting Susan select the color for us. She nicely tossed swatches of all of the colors in with our order. They are all beautiful. Really, there’s nothing I would’ve been disappointed with. The solids are plain enough for dads to wear, but bright enough to not be at all boring.

We got the wrap in a 4.5 m, though they have a full range of sizes, from 2.5 to 5.5 meters. The 4.5 m length, a size 6-ish, is a versatile length. For most average sized mamas, this is their base size. If you are tall, fluffy or busty, you’d want to size up. This is the size I would use for a front wrap cross carry, my go to front carry, as well as multi layered back carries.

Out of the box, I’d call this wrap softish. It comes with a nice instruction book, which tells you to wash the wrap before use. I tumbled it for 10 minutes, then hung it dry. Out of the wash, it was a bit crunchy, so I set about breaking it in. There are a number of things you can do to break a wrap in. I go with the lazy gal’s way and haul the wrap around like it’s my blankie. I sit on it on the couch. I make other family members sit on it. I smush it around while I’m watching TV. I get kids to smush it around. If I’m sitting down, the wrap is underneath me. I’ve even slept with wraps under my pillow, though I didn’t with this one. If you were intending to use this with a newborn, I’d advise buying it and prepping it ahead of time. Right out of the box, I don’t know that I find it newborn soft, though I’m picky about what I use with teensy ones.

When broken in, this wrap could absolutely be your one and only. If you are someone who is looking to buy one wrap, not spend a ton, be able to use it from small baby through heavy toddler and share the wrap with your spouse, I’d encourage you to try this wrap out.

One feature I noticed on this wrap that I haven’t seen before is the stitching on the edges. Each side is a different color. This would be a big help to a newbie wrapper, helping you make sure you know which end is which. I’ve seen wraps with each edge a different color, but I haven’t seen a solid color wrap that still helps you differentiate. It’s a nice feature.

Something else that I like about this wrap is how sturdy it is. This is not a wrap that you need to baby. If I owned it, I’d machine dry it (on low). It’s very hardy, not easily snaggable. This is a wrap you can use as a picnic blanket, as a hammock, that you can let your toddler drag around without worry. This is a parking lot wrap.

I tried my 36 lb 4 year old in it. While we don’t do a lot of wearing these days, I do consider this something that would be suitable to wear him in.